M-600 With Auto feed & rapid M-250 M-125
M-250 Auto Indexing M-250 Auto Feed SPM Slotting Machine For Wrench
M-125 Auto Feed M-125 Auto Indexing

M-250 with P.L.C Attachment

“MATCHLESS” All Geared Slotting Machines are of latest design ensuring best workmanship, precision and economy. Gun Metal Bushes are provided specially in link. Division plate is marked on dividing Head. Trust Bearings are provided in screws of slides for accuracy feeds and smooth running. Motor space in peti. Steel gears and shafts are made by E.N. series steel Oil level, Window in gear box and body head. Adjustable friction clutch is provided to save breakage of Gears and link.
They are suitable for various jobs especially Motor Parts. Scooter Parts, Dies and internal Teeth Cutting etc. A Special Universal and Dividing Device is fitted with each machine for accurate divisioning. They can also be supplied with automatic adjustable feeds for Longitudinal and Transverse movements of Cross Slide and Automatic Indexing.

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