M-175 M-400 M-600

: MACTHLESS” Brand Hydraulic Control Hacksaw Machine has been designed to cut quickly & accurately all material from nickel chrome steel to plastic. Controls are simple and easy. An automatic cut out operates at the completion of the operation and the bow slide returns to the top position. The machines has attractive appearance.

BED : The bed is of rigid casting with wide through for collection of coolant, swarf and also houses the V-Belts drive. Bed is single piece casting.

SAWFRAME : The saw Frame is of rigid construction and runs in Prismatic guide ensuring a square and parallel cut and this cut takes place on the backward (pull) stroke. The blade is hydraulically lifted out of contact with the work piece on the forward stroke to prevent wear of the blade.

The Drive is given to the machine through V-Pullys with provision to adjust fully the tension of the V-Belt. The shafts are fitted with Taper and Ball-bearings which eliminate friction.

Two Speeds has been provided in order to make it suitable for all metals. High Speed for metals like mild street, brass, copper etc. and Low Speed for cast iron etc.

Feed Saw is controlled hydraulically by two levers provided at the dash-pot. One controls the rate of feed. while the other enables the bow slide to be raised or lowered and the motor gets switched off on completion of the cut.

The Vice is rigid construction. The one jaw remains fixed while other can be adjusted according to the size of the material to be cut.

COOLANT : The Coolant tank is totally enclosed in the machine base with a constant speed pump which continuously supplies coolant to the Saw blade.

Push button starter is fitted with an adjustable trip mechanism which stops the machine soon after the blade is clear from the work.

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